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These are our best selling products. These are a great choice if you're just starting out with stocking our products.

Top 10 across all products

BAR-GOAT-3 Lemongrass · Lime · Lemon Myrtle [GOAT'S MILK] [G3]
BAR-COCO-1 Eucalyptus · Wild Mint [COCO-NUT] [C1]
BAR-SSS-2 Lemon Scented Eucalyptus · Mint [THREE IN ONE] [S2]
BAR-COCO-3 Lemongrass · Lime · Lemon Myrtle [COCO-NUT] [C3]
BAR-GOAT-2 Lavender · Geranium [GOAT'S MILK] [G2]
BAR-SSS-4 Sweet Orange · Clove · Black Pepper [THREE IN ONE] [S4]
BAR-SSS-1 Bergamot · Patchouli · Cedarwood [THREE IN ONE] [S1]
BAR-GOAT-4 Lemon Myrtle · Patchouli [GOAT'S MILK] [G4]
BAR-SSS-3 Patchouli · Cinnamon · Ylang Ylang [THREE IN ONE] [S3]
BAR-COCO-2 Geranium · Patchouli [COCO-NUT] [C2]

Goat's Milk Soaps

BAR-GOAT-3 Lemongrass · Lime · Lemon Myrtle [GOAT'S MILK] [G3]
BAR-GOAT-2 Lavender · Geranium [GOAT'S MILK] [G2]

Coconut Soaps

BAR-COCO-1 Eucalyptus · Wild Mint [COCO-NUT] [C1]
BAR-COCO-3 Lemongrass · Lime · Lemon Myrtle [COCO-NUT] [C3]

Scent-Free Soaps

BAR-OSF-1 Manuka Honey · Goat's Milk [SCENT-FREE] [O1]
BAR-OSF-2 Olive Leaf [SCENT-FREE] [O2]

The Purist Tallow Soaps

BAR-TAL-3 Sweet Orange · Ylang Ylang · Cedarwood [THE PURIST] [T3]
BAR-TAL-1 Lavender · Rosemary · Peppermint [THE PURIST] [T1]

Shower, Shave, Shampoo Bars

BAR-SSS-2 Lemon Scented Eucalyptus · Mint [THREE IN ONE] [S2]
BAR-SSS-4 Sweet Orange · Clove · Black Pepper [THREE IN ONE] [S4]

Luxe Bars

BAR-LUXE-09 Activated Charcoal · Lemon Scented Eucalyptus [Sea Salt Scrub Bar] [L9]
BAR-LUXE-08 Madder Root · Citrus [Awakening Sea Salt Scrub Bar] [L8]

Facial Cleanser Bars

BAR-FACE-02 Activated Charcoal · Brazilian Clay [FACIAL CLEANSER] [F2]
BAR-FACE-01 Rose & Ivory Kaolin Clay [FACIAL CLEANSER] [F1]

Dog Shampoo

BAR-DOG-1 Lemon Scented Eucalyptus · Lemongrass · Lavender [DOG SHAMPOO] [D1]
BAR-DOG-2 Scent-Free [DOG SHAMPOO] [D2]

Bath Bombs

BOMB-B2 Bath Bomb [B2] · Beautiful
BOMB-B1 Bath Bomb [B1] · Sleep Easy

Aromatherapy Candles

CAN-A1-30 Lavender · Chamomile · Sandalwood Aromatherapy Candle [A1-30]
CAN-A2-30 Cedarwood · Bergamot · Clary Sage Aromatherapy Candle [A2-30]

Aromatic Candles

CAN-P7-33 Green Apple · Clove · Orange · Cranberry Aromatic Candle [P7-33]
CAN-P2-33 Vanilla · Patchouli · Sandalwood Aromatic Candle [P2-33]


COND-02-500 Rosemary & Mint Conditioner [Size: 500ml] [02]
COND-01-500 Tangerine · Ylang Ylang Conditioner [Size: 500ml] [01]


SH-01-500ML Tangerine · Ylang Ylang Shampoo & Body Wash [Size: 500ml] [01]
SH-02-500ML Rosemary · Mint Shampoo & Body Wash [Size: 500ml] [02]

Essential Oils

EO-07-VIT Vitality Blend [07]
EO-09-CALM Calm Blend [09]

Face Oil

FO-01-15 Nourishing Face Oil · Travel Size · 15mL [01]
FO-01-50 Nourishing Face Oil 50mL · Pomegranate · Jojoba · Rosehip · CoQ10 [01]

Foaming Handwash

FH-01 Lemongrass · Lime · Lemon Myrtle Foaming Handwash [01]
FH-03 Juniperberry · Orange · Lavender Foaming Handwash [03]

Hand & Body Wash

HBW-01-500 Lemongrass · Lime · Lemon Myrtle Hand & Body Wash [Size: 500ml] [01]
HBW-03-500 Pink Grapefruit · Geranium · Fennel Hand & Body Wash [Size: 500ml] [03]

Lip Balms

LB-03 Manuka Honey · Blood Orange Lip Balm Tube [LB3]
LB-02 Manuka Honey · Spearmint Lip Balm Tube [LB2]


MOIS-01-250 Lavender · Jasmine · Rose · Patchouli Body Butter [01] [Size: 250ml]
MOIS-02-250 Vanilla · Patchouli · Sandalwood Body Butter [02] [Size: 250ml]

Room Spray

RS-01-LLLM Lemongrass · Lime · Lemon Myrtle Room Spray [01]
RS-03-LCS Lavender · Chamomile · Sandalwood Room Spray [03]

Magnesium Salts

Ylang Ylang · Cedarwood · Neroli Magnesium Bath Salts [Size: 200g] [M1]
Lavender · Chamomile · Cedarwood Magnesium Bath Salts [Size: 200g] [M3]

Shaving Soaps

MEN-PUCK-1 Bergamot · Patchouli · Cedarwood Wet Shaving Soap Puck [01]
MEN-PUCK-2 Lemongrass · Lime · Lemon Myrtle Wet Shaving Soap Puck [02]