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This Block Dock  soap dish is made from aluminium and is powder-coated in hardwearing, long-lasting matte white paint.

This Block Dock vertical soap dish is 8.45cm wide, 5.6cm tall and 4.35cm deep. It fits bars up to 4cm in depth – the shortest side of your bar. You may need to apportion the weight of the bar front to back as it changes its shape over time. If your bar is extra wide, long or heavy it’s easier to use and lasts longer if cut in two.

The Block Dock will keep your bar in good condition for use right to its very last sliver. When it’s that tiny, use it flat in your hand or piggy-back it onto your next bar to avoid any waste.

A suction cup comes with each Block Dock to enable wall mounting. It WILL adhere to glass, mirror, vitreous china, steel, most smooth tiles, and acrylic. It will NOT adhere to textured tiles, paint etc because the suction cup cannot form the vacuum it needs to work. Please be sure to read the tips on installation and care including solutions for suction cup unsucking!

Cleaning is quick and easy. Just slip it off the suction cup and give it a clean while you shower each week or so - with a thorough dry to follow. With your good care, your Block DockTM should stay in tip-top condition for the long haul. It doesn't suit the dishwasher so please don't be tempted by that. The Block Dock bonus is the time you save on cleaning the bathroom, without all that bottle clutter and spillage - and the ick of traditional soap dishes!

Installation and Care

Each Block Dock soap dish comes with a PVC suction cup. The Block Dock soap dish does its best ‘no-mess’ work when side-mounted on smooth surfaces by suction. I can also stand upright on flat surfaces.

The suction cup WILL adhere to glass, acrylic, vitreous china, steel, most smooth tiles, and mirror. It will NOT adhere to textured tiles, paint and other porous surfaces because the suction cup cannot form the vacuum it needs to work. If your glass has been coated with water stain protectant, it may not suction there either.


Locate your Block Dock soap dish outside of direct water spray to prolong the life of your bar. Use your bar straight onto your wet hair or body. It doesn’t need extra time underwater. Excess moisture will drain straight away when your bar is back in the Block Dock.

In basins and sinks it’s a good idea to suction it to the inside the bowl, though outside of the direct spray of the water. This keeps your surfaces clear and lessens cleaning time. Bonus!


  • Clean the surface you want the Block Dock soap dish to adhere to (use isopropyl alcohol if water alone is not enough).
  • Wet the back of the suction cup with water and press hard on the centre ‘head’ where you want it to stay. 
  • Slip your Block DockTM over the head of the suction cup, pulling it down to fit tight in the top of the keyhole.
  • Add your bar and you’re done! 

If your suction isn’t strong straight away,  or it stays for a while then falls, leave some time between each of the steps and see.  Overnight is ideal. If you have a misbehaving suction cup, give it a 10 minute time out in a cup of hot water and then try again.

If your bar is extra-long or especially heavy, cut it into pieces for use. If it’s not sitting comfortably at first, angle it with the top towards the back and the bottom towards the front of the Block Dock.

When you want to change the location simply lift the small tag and the suction will break.

If Your Surface Won't Stick

  • Suction to the nearest glass surface or stand upright on a shelf.
  • Use the two multipurpose holes in the back of the Block Dock soap dish to thread a cable tie (best option for a tight fit), stainless wire, twist tie or similar through. Then tie tight around the shower rail or other fixture. 
  • Hang via a shower curtain hook or a loop through the keyhole and around a fitting.
  • Try a 3M wet/dry strip or 3M outdoor tape.
  • If your surface allows it, install with flat-head screws.


To keep your Block Dock in top condition, be sure clean and then dry it completely regularly. In between times you can simply wipe with your finger while showering when it's without a bar. Made from hardwearing materials, with good care from you it will give you good service for a long time.

If you have a Shower Dome be sure to give your bars some time in fresh air outside the shower every few days. If your bar has gone soft it needs time out. The Block Dock soap dish will adhere to the outside of your shower or stand on the flat in a ventilated area. Your bars will last much longer if you do this.

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