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1 Natural Laundry Gel & Pre Wash Stain Tre
Extra Virgin Olive Oil · Tallow· Essential Oils Approx. 200g

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Natural & simple laundry soap

This laundry bar can be used as a pre-wash stain treatment or to make a cost-effective, natural and biodegradable laundry gel. Full loads should cost around twenty-five cents, depending on how much gel you use.

For stain removal simply moisten the clothing item and rub the soap on the stain before washing. The lavender & eucalyptus oils in the soap act as solvents to help remove stains such as red wine, blood, grease and many more.

Making an effective laundry gel couldn't be simpler. Simply grate a bar of soap into a bucket (anywhere from 2 litres to five litres would work well). Top up the bucket with hot water and leave to dissolve and form a gel. If you've used a smaller bucket your gel will be super concentrated so use a small amount (try 1-2 tablespoons). If you've used larger bucket try using a little more. If you've kept a scoop from a previous detergent use one small scoop. Add directly to the machine, rather than the dispenser.

Because I often deal with heavily soiled clothing, I like to use a product like Kin Kin Naturals laundry soaker & stain remover (active ingredient sodium percarbonate) with my wash. This product is one of the new generation of environmentally friendly washing boosters - it's made up of washing soda and baking soda and contains no phosphates or bleach. I place about a tablespoon into my powder dispenser to achieve brighter results. This is a personal choice - you could use the laundry gel as is for soft, clean laundry.

Weighs approximately 200g.

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Extra Virgin Olive oil, Coconut oil, Tallow (hand rendered), essential oils (Lavender & Eucalyptus)

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