Mandarin · Leather · Patchouli · Oakwood Aromatic Candle [P09-135]

Aromatic Candle

   RICH + ORIENTAL    Aromatic Candle
P09 Mandarin · Leather · Patchouli · Oakwood
Parfum · Natural Soy Wax 135g

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Enjoy the ambience of this hand-poured scented natural soy candle, with the sensual scents of Cedarwood, Coconut, Sandalwood & Cocoa Butter.

This medium tin is designed to burn for over 17 hours.


  • The aluminium tin is reusable (top up your beautiful tin with magnesium salts or other bathroom products) 
  • Soy Candle wax has a low melting point, so when the candle is finished it's simple to wash or wipe out the tin to re-use it over and over 
  • You can return the tins to the store and we'll re-use them
  • If the tin is damaged it is recyclable at end of life
  • The labels can be removed easily without leaving any sticky residue, making re-use simpler

Getting the most from your candle

At Washpool our candles are handcrafted to the highest standards. We've chosen sustainable, non-GM soy wax to blend with quality essential oils. 

To get the very best out of your candle, please take a minute to read our suggestions for use.

  1. When you light your candle, make sure that the wick is standing straight up and is about 6-8mm long (trim if it is too long). This will ensure you get an even burn and your candle will last well.
  2. On first use, make sure the melted wax extends to the sides of the container. This will ensure it burns fully without forming a 'tunnel' down the middle of your candle.
  3. The scent will last longer if you replace the lid between uses.
  4. For even burning and safety, place your candle away from drafts and flammable objects. Do not leave your candle unattended.

Most importantly, we hope you take the time to relax and enjoy your candle.

SKU CAN-P09-135
Brand Washpool Skin Wellness
Soy wax, scent (phthalate free).

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