Wholesale Soap, Bath & Body Products

The experienced formulators at Washpool Skin Wellness (previously Washpool Farm Soaperie) have worked hard to create a range of gentle, natural soap bars that are as varied and unique as your clients. Sometimes sensual, sometimes sweet, playful, fun, simple, luxurious or downright practical there's something in the range to suit all needs (and desires). We have the experience to reliably supply your business with beautifully presented soap bars, gift packs and more.

Bare soaps in display box

We offer goats milk, sensitive, coconut milk (vegan), facial, men's and even dog shampoo formulas to suit the needs of a diverse clientele.  Our soap bars come boxed in biodegradable, recyclable packaging. Our entire range is palm oil free, and we source ingredients & packaging carefully based on strong ethical & environmental principles.

Please note that our soap is a handmade product made with premium ingredients.  Our formulations are designed to gently cleanse and pamper your customers' skin.  Washpool Farm Soaperie products appeal to people who wish to avoid manufactured products based on cheap, harsh ingredients that leave the skin feeling dry, itchy and irritated.  We don't compete with those type of products on price.

We're happy to make recommendations based on your client profile.  

Minimum order for wholesale customers is $200. Free shipping on orders over $500. Plus minimums per product apply (see below for details).

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Local Businesses

Local businesses (Granite Belt Qld region and surrounds) please contact us as you will have access to guest bars as well as wholesale prices.


Wholesale minimums

You will see a message in your cart when you have not reached the minimums for a particular order line. Some examples of our minimums are:

  • $200 minimum per wholesale order
  • Bar soaps minimum of 4
  • Lip balm pots minimum of 5, tubes minimum 10
  • Magnesium salts 1.5kg x 2, 750g x 3, 375g x 4, 185g x 5
  • Foaming handwash, hand & body wash, Candles, Face care ritual starter kit, Gift pack, Men's Shave Soap, Room Sprays a minimum of 2
  • Moisturising hand & body balm minimum of 4
  • Shampoo & Conditioner 100ml x 10, 250ml x 4, 500ml x 2

Why do we have a minimum wholesale spend and minimum quantity per item?

We offer discounts to our wholesale clients and the only way we can maintain this low pricing is by setting dollar and volume minimums.  We value all of our wholesale clients and have worked hard to keep minimums as low as possible within the current price structure. Top of our thinking is also the way products look on your shelf. You will have noticed that customers tend to purchase more from fully stocked ranges and sales diminish when stocks are low.  We've set minimums that will allow you to ensure enough stock to appeal to your customers.

Private Label Soap Making

We can supply bare (unpackaged) soaps from our existing Washpool ranges for you to package and sell under your own label. Private label clients receive wholesale pricing for these bare bars. Private label clients receive the bare bars with an ingredients list and will need to add your own packaging.

Apply for a wholesale account to be able to access wholesale pricing and private label. Contact us for more information.

  • The ingredients list will be provided to private label clients
  • Private label products listed on other websites must have a new, original name, NOT the name under which they are listed on washpool.com.au
  • Private label products listed on other websites must have new, original product descriptions, NOT the product description that appears on washpool.com.au
  • Private label products listed on other websites must have new, original photography, NOT the photography that appears on washpool.com.au
  • Private label products will be supplied in the identical format to our current size and formula (any changes become Custom Manufacturing jobs which will incur additional charges for formulation and higher minimum quantities per variety)
  • Private label minimum purchase $200 
  • Set your own retail price point


Custom Manufacturing

Custom manufacturing is requesting us to create bars for you that vary from our existing recipes. Washpool Farm Soaperie makes soap for a number of businesses requiring a quality product to fit in with their formulation requirements. We can supply bare soap according to your own scent, colour and design requirements, for you to package and label in your own style.  Custom manufacturing requires a large initial order and will be quoted on individual jobs. Contact us for more information.


What we don't do (both private label and custom)

  • We don't export - the costs and benefits of export licencing are not viable for our small handmade business
  • We don't package private label bars - we send them to you bare
  • We don't vary our standard bar sizes, as all our equipment is set up to a specific size. 
  • We don't use ingredients that we wouldn't normally use in our own bars (we use high-quality ingredients and will not compromise on our staff health or the environment by using substandard ingredients.
  • We don't offer further discounts beyond our current low wholesale pricing for larger orders - the price per bar is the same if you order 100 bars or 500 because the process for hand-making is identical, regardless of order size.