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The Upside of Downsizing: Elevating Luxury with Every Bar

Exciting new seasonal products launching every month

Earth Conscious Packaging at Washpool Supply Co.

Corporate Packages and Team Building Experiences

A creative way to engage and entertain your team.

Washpool re-imagined in Stanthorpe

Come along on our sensory adventure.

Five steps to a satisfying and comfortable shaving experience for smooth skin

Skin irritation from shaving can largely be avoided with the right approach.

Are your soap bars 'sweating'?

Let’s explore the cause and propose some solutions.

Find out why our Soap Making Workshops are so popular

A full sensory experience!

Peppermint Magazine 'Good and Clean' Counter Culture feature

Peppermint Magazine interview with Melissa Thomas, Founder and Formulator.

12 ways to use essential oils in your home that don't require an essential oil diffuser

Explore self care and home health tips here.

Perfect Potion - the perfect aromatic complement to Washpool

Perfect Potion harmonises social and environmental concerns with the aesthetic appreciation and healing benefits of aromatherapy.


A focus on Lemon Scented Eucalyptus.

Why Soap Bars?

Why choosing to use solid soap bars is a conscious choice for your skin health and the environment.

Q&A with Melissa, Founder and Maker

Melissa answers a series of questions around life in Ballandean and creating at Washpool Skin Wellness.

Making the most of your Candles

If you follow these simple tips you'll be a pro candle owner and enjoy many hours of candle burning satisfaction.

Why does it matter which soap you use?

Replenishing Body Butter now available in jars

New Antibacterial Spray & Gel

Keeping hands clean on the go.

Shop local? Shop Handmade? Shop Rural?

Packaging Transitions

Packaging in transition to being more environmentally friendly.

New Nourishing Face Oil

Smooth, soften and protect dry, sensitive and mature skin.

New Magnesium Salts

Our magnesium salts are back!

Long Lasting Bars

Why our soaps last longer than other natural soap bars.

Lemon Scented Tea Tree products are changing

We're updating one of our essential oils.

Review and win

Review any of our products on our website and you could win a $20 Washpool gift voucher!

Bargain bags - why are they so popular?

Washpool Bellwethers Tester Club

Top 10 Small Steps for a more Sustainable Life

Natural Deodorant

Pricing changes

We're changing our pricing - but don't fret (it's good news!)

Bargain Bags back in stock + Curing

Bargain bags are back!

Magnesium Bath Salts

Magnesium salts are particularly useful for relieving sore muscles and joints & more.

Balms for Winter Dryness

Lip balms & Shea Butter Moisture Balm

Shampoo bars

Living with less plastic - shampoo bars in the media.

Facial Serums

A popular alternative to standard moisturisers.

Why use soap?

When people tell us that they never use bar soap.

Goat's Milk Soap

For sensitive skin types.

Our Handmade Soap

Understanding our different types of handmade soaps.

My Top Ten Tips for Longer Lasting Soap Bars

I want to tell you about Max.

Lip Care to help you Survive Winter's Worst

Winter time brings its own special challenges for our delicate skin.

What cleanser is best for sensitive skin?

Tired of paying a ridiculously high price for products?


We can talk all day about how well our shaving soap lathers


A lovely young woman entered the soaperie on Sunday.

How to prolong the life of palm oil free and hand made soap

What is Scentscaping?

Think of it as styling your home or office, but with your senses.