Perfect Potion - the perfect aromatic complement to Washpool

Perfect Potion - the perfect aromatic complement to Washpool

Perfect Potion harmonises social and environmental concerns with the aesthetic appreciation and healing benefits of aromatherapy.

At Christmas time, our family took a quick city break in Brisbane. With three young adult daughters, we usually take an open approach to gifting, so I asked them if they’d like to go to Perfect Potion to select their own gifts. It might surprise you that I would make this suggestion, given that at first glance Perfect Potion offers a number of products also made by Washpool. I can tell you that their answer was a definite “yes”, but let me tell you why. 

Perfect Potion was founded by Salvatore (Sal) Battaglia and Carolyn Stubbin, both passionate and qualified aromatherapists. As a result, Perfect Potion products are born out of a deep understanding of the potential for Aromatherapy to nurture mind, body and spirit. In fact Sal has written some of the leading international texts on Aromatherapy, used by students, practitioners and many others (like me) who work in related fields.  

When Sal designs an “Active” balm or a “Focus Blend” essential oil or an insect repellant natural “Outdoor Body Mist” he draws on evidence based research and a wealth of knowledge and experience to create products that are extremely well designed from an Aromatherapy perspective.  

So, back to my daughters and their selections. I don’t need to remind anyone that the last couple of years have been difficult, but I am especially mindful of how it must be for young people as they learn to adapt to an extraordinary event that has clearly impacted their expectations for the short term future. It’s no surprise, then, that they chose “Happy & Calm’ pulse point rollers, “Relax” pillow mist, “Chill Out” balm and other similarly themed products.  

It’s lovely to pop into their spaces from time to time and see how much their chosen ‘Perfect Potions’ are integrated into their daily routines - from study and reading time through to the sleep time wind down. 

So why are we telling you about what we think is an amazing range of genuine Aromatherapy products? Well, on that same visit we (ok, I) was beyond thrilled to meet with Salvatore, who just happened to be hanging out at the retail store that day. We got talking and I told him about the synergy between what we do and what he does and he exuberantly offered us a tour of his facility and, if we wanted, to sign up as retailers of Perfect Potion products. 

And so it was, we had an amazing tour of the Perfect Potion facility and came back to Washpool with the most wonderful range of Perfect Potion products to sit comfortably beside our own Washpool products - to complement what we already offer.  

We believe the best way for our customers to enjoy the best products is for us to know our niche. Over the years we’ve been asked for all types of products - related to handmade soap but outside our niche. Sometimes we’ve been able to step into a new space - like the Washpool Home range with its candles, diffusers, room spritzes but at other times we’ve quickly recognised that we may be better to source from another business.  

The big advantage of sourcing from other Australian, like-minded businesses is that they specialise in their product field and we can count on them to provide “as natural as possible” products that work. Excellent examples are Koala Eco for home cleaning or Kin Kin Naturals for laundry or the gorgeous Luk Beautifood for their nourishing lipsticks.  

When it comes to Aromatherapy, I draw on some of the principles when formulating, however I'm quick to acknowledge that my strength lies in formulating natural soap, which offers a gentle way to clean delicate skin. And while I hope to soon be qualified as a Cosmetic Chemist, there are no plans on the horizon to study Aromatherapy. Even if I did, it takes years of practice to be confident in the field, so it makes complete sense to partner with wonderful brands where the expertise that will benefit our clients already exists.


Founder and Head Maker