Bargain Bags back in stock + Curing

Date Posted:20 July 2018 

Bargain bags are back!

If you've visited the store recently you'll have seen how bare our bargain bag shelf has been. We don't make a lot of soap over the school holidays, and winter is a very busy tourist season in our region, so our stock has been very depleted. Now school is back and we've been ramping up production, so we have been able to restock. 

These bars have only been made this week and if you purchase them you'll need to give them some time to cure. What is curing? Curing is simply the process of letting the cut soap bars sit with airflow around them so that they dry and harden. You can use them straight away but they'll be softer than usual and won't last as long. Cure them by placing them separated and standing up in your linen cupboard (bonus: your towels and sheets will pick up their gorgeous scent). We usually cure our soaps for at least 4 weeks.

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