Bargain bags - why are they so popular?

Bargain bags - why are they so popular?

Bargain bags have always been one of our enduring bestsellers over the years. We weren't quite sure as to the reasons they are so popular, so we ran a recent survey of our customers to find out! 

Respondents could choose more than one answer, and the most popular responses were: 

  • I like the price - bargain bags average $4 a bar. This is cheaper than most of our other soaps, but not significantly cheaper when you factor in that when choosing a named bar you know exactly what ingredients and scents are in them.
  • I like buying in bulk - understandable for our environmentally conscious customers
  • I know all of them will be good - it was so lovely to read this as the third top response!
  • I like the variety - they do look gorgeous when you open up your parcel
  • I like bare soaps - while this is true we realised that some customers might not be aware that you can buy bare boxes of 10 in each of our other ranges, and choose the number of each scent in that range (and save 50c on each bar in that box). We've made it more clear that this is an option.

We love hearing from our customers about what they like (and don't like) - so feel free to send us comments or write reviews on our products. We do take on board feedback and suggestions.