Natural Deodorant

Date Posted:7 September 2018 

Many of our customers would recall that Washpool used to make a paste style deodorant in a wind up tube.  People who loved that deodorant have understandably been asking why it has slipped from our product range so I wanted to explain.

As a maker, I get most satisfaction from making a product that is different (ok, better) to other products currently available.  It could be better (in my opinion) because:

  • it provides a natural instead of synthetic option
  • it might be more affordable than similar products with inflated prices
  • the ingredients are ethical, high quality, organic or fair trade
  • it lasts longer due to the careful choice of ingredients

I feel that there needs to be a good reason to make a product. It needs to contribute something, or it's just one more product in a crowded market. 

When we were making our deodorant I had a couple of issues that I felt needed improvement. One was the ability of the deodorant to stand up to temperature variations (ours would be harder in cool weather and softer in warm). The other thing I really agonised over was that the wind-up tubes aren't made in Australia.  I was shipping them from the USA and it wasn't sitting well with me that this bulky item was being shipped around the world. 

We're working hard in the background to bring to the market a deodorant product that is firm enough in all temperatures and doesn't need to be packaged in plastic.

In the meantime, so that our customers have good natural options available, we've tested heaps of natural deodorants and two have really stood out.  The first is the Woohoo paste style deodorant and the second is the roll on Kind-ly range of deodorants.  We're delighted with the ingredient profile in both of these deodorants and our tests have been really positive.

If you don't mind applying paste to pits with your hand Woohoo is a really good formula. You can scoop some out into a smaller container for travel, making it quite versatile.  If paste is not your thing, the Kind-ly roll on's are more like a traditional deodorant only better, because of the lovely range of natural ingredients.  

And trust me, when we have a deodorant that we are confident brings something unique to the table we'll be sure to tell you.  We're well underway with prototypes so watch this space. 

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