Lemongrass · Lime · Lemon Myrtle [COCO-NUT] [C3]


  • Handmade at Washpool, Ballandean
  • All natural ingredients
  • Vegan
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We think Coconut Cream is an unsung hero when it comes to milk soaps.

Yes, we know those cheeky goats get all the attention but the reality is that coconut cream packs a much bigger punch when it comes to healthy fats that help keep your skin moisturised, soft and supple.

  • Coconut Cream offers many health benefits when consumed internally but when it comes to soap formulation the real benefits come from the good oils in our ingredients. The lauric acid naturally present in our organic virgin coconut oil and coconut cream helps make a harder soap bar, while also contributing to deep cleansing and a big fluffy lather.
  • Shea & cacao Butters, Coconut, Olive & Macadamia oils deeply penetrate and moisturise to leave your skin smooth & soft.
  • Mineral colours provide the natural hue for this bar
  • Lemongrass, Lime & Lemon Myrtle Essential Oils provide herbaceous and citrus aromas that lift the spirits.

Vegan: Our Coco-Nut range is well suited to people with allergy to dairy products or those who prefer products made with vegetable, mineral and botanical ingredients only.

When using this product you’ll have the confidence that you are using an all natural product on your skin, and that all the ingredients are renewable and biodegradable.

Bars weigh 110 grams when packed.

Barcode # 9348542003457
Brand Washpool Skin Wellness
Shipping Weight 0.1200kg
Saponified oils (olive, coconut, shea butter, macadamia, cacao butter, castor oil), coconut cream, essential oils (lemongrass, eucalyptus peppermint gum, lime, lemon myrtle), Brazilian clay.

Luxurious soap!!

6 June 2020
We first tried this soap when staying in Stanthorpe and fell in love with it! Nothing’s better than your skin feeling soft and hydrated after a shower. Even better, knowing that the soap you use is free of synthetic cleansers and or chemicals. We absolutely love the coco-nut bars, they are very nourishing. If we can’t get to Ballandeen to buy our supply, the easy access to online shopping makes it that little easier. I buy a 10 bar pack at a time to keep us going. Love it!

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