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Traditional Shaving Soap - Palm Oil Free

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A soap formulated especially for traditional wet shaving

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Our first test recipes for shaving soap go right back to 2009 so this has been a long time in the pipeline. With the growing trend away from disposable razors and fake foam in a can we thought it was high time we shared our own unique formula with our clients. 

When formulating this wet shave soap our focus was, as always, on people who prefer a genuinely natural product and those who might be sensitive to many of the additives commonly found in commercial products. Our batches are small and artisanal, meaning real hands working thoughtfully with real ingredients.

This soap is a fusion of liquid and solid soap making methods, resulting in a soap that loads easily onto the shaving brush. Many shaving soaps are made with manufactured stearic acid derived from palm oil, however, our soap is made with hand rendered (by us) tallow from local, organic, grass-fed stock. The stearic acid naturally present in tallow, cacao and shea butter make for a lovely stable, creamy lather.

Our shaving soap also contains coconut oil, avocado oil and castor oil for a long-lasting lather that doesn't dry delicate facial skin.

We offer two essential oil blends for your shaving pleasure, as well as an unscented lanolin version for those (like me) who dig its earthy scent and skin soothing benefits.

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Saponified Tallow (hand-rendered, local), Organic Cacao Butter, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Lanolin, Castor Oil

A Step Above.

18 July 2022
I've tried high end shaving creams from Truefitt & Hill, high end soaps from Noble Otter, Phoenix & Beau, MFW, Barrister & Mann, etc... And this one is a cut above. I say this mostly in performance and protection, rather than scent as this is mostly unscented. It does have this understated, pleasant, and clean earthiness that I personally enjoy just as much as the wonderful scents from those other brands I listed before. When lathering, it reacts different than most other soaps. I put this down to the quality of the soap, it's a little slower to work up, starts off REALLY thick into the brush while loading, so it needs a bit of extra water to get to your desired consistency. This is great thing as it makes it very difficult to ruin the lather and easy to dial it in for your preference. On skin it's got cushion for days, protecting your skin from the blade, and leaves your skin so conditioned, does everything you could want out of a shaving soap, simple as that. This makes me want to try the scented lime and lemon shaving soap (not so much the patchouli one, as I find patchouli to remind me of a kind of hippy, potpourri smell, not something I would want on my face), my only worry would be if the absence of lanolin that is in this unscented soap would make the lemon, lime soap less conditioning... To surmise, one of the best shaving soaps in the world, this should be consistently sold out, and I'm thrilled it isn't for my own sake. Get some!

Excellent lather, great protection and razor slip

1 May 2020
Receiving a small sample with my last order after converting to wet shaving and having heard several good reviews about Washpool shave soaps, I was keen to give this one a crack. My preference is for scented soaps as I enjoy the olfactory aspect of shaving, however, I found the natural scent of the soap to not be for me. As a shave soap, it required just a little water and a bit of time to create a lovely, luxurious lather, with just enough slip and brilliant protection to be what I consider a top performer. I have used it a few times now and it never disappoints. If you do not like strong scented soaps, or are sensitive to fragrances, I can not recommend this soap highly enough!

Great lather

22 January 2020
I started traditional shaving last year, and first purchased another brand's natural shave soap. I could never get a good lather from it, it was like soap suds almost. I thought it might either be my technique, or a good lather was not possible with a natural product. I powered through the whole container. When it came time to re-order, I decided to try a different brand and found Washpool. The product arrived today and I used it tonight. It produced a robust, almost effortless lather that did not fade away while I was shaving. It felt like cream, rather than soap suds. What a difference! I can now see that I will enjoy traditional shaving as I originally intended, rather than being frustrated by it. This is a great formula, I will continue to purchase this now, as long as its made.

Shaving with no worries

18 October 2019
My goodness it took Melissa seconds to get me into the Traditional Shaving Cream non scented for my irritant dermatitis I had been using a very expensive natural product that was burning my skin thru it’s oil content But with WASHPOOL Shaving Cream I’m happily shaving away again twice a day that’s right I have to shave twice otherwise I get thick stubble Wish my head hair grew like that

Better than premium international brands

24 July 2018
This is my first washpool shave soap. My previous supplies have been from international premium retailers including Barrister and Mann, Taylor's of Old Bond Street, Stirling, Chiseled Face and Tallow and Steel to name a few. This soap feels like it protects my face better than any of them. It's extremely easy to get a great lather and feels great. It also leaves your face feeling moisturized. One note, I imagined the primary scent of this product to be the lanolin (a smell that I enjoy). Unfortunately, I personally find the lanolin to be overpowered by the Tallow smell. This may not be an issue for the scented options. However, I wanted the lanolin. I am vegetarian so may be more aware of the Tallow scent than most. If any future buyers are interesteld the excellent staff also emailed me a link to a great article explaining the ethical benifits of Tallow soap. I have been very impressed with washpool farm every step of the way, I would highly recommend there products and will shop again.
(5) Response
Thank you for your thoughtful review, Tony. Our point of difference is a formula free of synthetic scent and palm oil and a major focus on a comfortable post shave feel, so we really appreciate your evaluation. Like you, I enjoy the scent of lanolin so I'm sorry to hear you feel you can detect the scent of tallow. Over time we have developed our own way of processing both tallow and shaving soap at lower temperatures as we feel that this method improves the purity of the scent. We have also settled on a supplier who delivers incredibly clean suet to us. You may find our cooler processing techniques deliver both fresher essential oil and lanolin scents over time.

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